PowerBait Pre-Rigged Swim Shad


Product Details

Berkley PowerBait Pre-Rigged Swim Shad

Bass love baitfish, which is why the Berkley PowerBait Pre-Rigged Swim Shad is an all-around gem when big fish are hungry for little ones. Sporting lifelike details, 3D eyes and holographic inserts, the Pre-Rigged Swim Shad looks like the real thing, which can turn curious fish into caught ones. Added PowerBait scent gives an olfactory boost to the bait, which will help bring in fish and keep them holding on longer.


  • Now available in HD Tru Color!
  • Pre-rigged and ready to fish
  • Lifelike detail, 3D eyes, holographic inserts
  • Bag with tray protects the vibrating tail