Jerk Minnow


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Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow

Is there any bait that's more versatile than a soft plastic jerk bait? You can twitch it near the surface for explosive topwater strikes, swim it near cover on a weighted hook, or fish it at depth like you would a worm. The Jerk Minnow from Big Bite Baits is an awesome soft plastic jerk bait that can be used in all those ways, and more. At 5" in length, this bait is the ideal size and profile to match shad and other types of bait fish. It has a great action in the water, thanks to its supple plastic and forked tail. If you're looking for the ultimate soft plastic jerk bait, look no further—grab a pack of Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnows today!

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