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BioSpawn Boosted Bundle

BIOSPAWN: Genetically Engineered & Ready for Deployment
An undisclosed lab in the middle of the desert is leading a confidential project. “BioSpawn” reverse-engineers the natural forage of the world’s waterways. They break down a subject’s DNA, mutate it, and rebuild an optimized clone. The desired outcome stimulates strikes from predators at an increased rate. In an attempt to measure results in the wild, this BioSpawn Essentials Kit is approved for delivery across the country. Should you encounter a variation of BioSpawn in the wild, please be alert. Exhibit behavior is unpredictable outside of a grow tank.


BioSpawn VileCraw- $5.69
BioSpawn ExoSwim- $5.69
BioSpawn ExoRibbon- $5.69
BioSpawn PlasmaTail- $5.69
BioSpawn ExoPod- $5.69
BioSpawn ExoStick- $5.69
BioSpawn VileBug- $5.69
BioSpawn VileTube- $5.69
BioSpawn VileMinnow- $5.69
BioSpawn ExoNed- $5.69
BioSpawn Rattlebot- $8.49

MSRP Value: $65.39