Product Details

BioSpawn ExoKick

The ExoKick is here to entice the grass dwellers. Equipped with a segmented body loaded with fish-attracting BioScent, The ExoKick has a pair of tails that kick hard as the bait is retrieved through the water. Best depolyed on a Texas rig with a pegged weight, the ExoKick excels around submerged vegetation as it imitates fleeing prey.


  • Two kicking tails for maximum action
  • Ribbed body for hiding hook point
  • Thick body for durability

How to Fish:

  • Typically Texas Rigged with a light bullet weight (1/16oz - 3/8oz) and a peg. Peg is crucial for keeping it weedless
  • Fished around shallow vegetation or wood cover

Gear Recommendations:

  • Line:  Braid: 30-50lbs/ Monofilament/Fluorocarbon: 15-20lbs
  • Rods: Googan Go-To or Muscle Casting, and Go-To Spinning/Any 7ft - 7ft 6in MH or H