RoboPop Topwater Popper


Product Details

BioSpawn RoboPop Topwater Popper

From the depths of the BioSpawn Lab comes the genetically engineered RoboPop. This topwater popper was designed to draw in predators by imitating dying or fleeing baitfish.

Pro Tip: Gamefish utilize cover to ambush their prey. Cast this bait around cover like wood, rock, or grass. Twitch your rod tip down to pop and walk the bait, enticing a strike.


  • Feathered back treble hook
  • Cupped mouth to splash and spit when the lure is twitched
  • Body design that allows it to be popped or walk the dog

How to Fish:

  • After casting, point your rod tip down and apply twitches with your rod tip on a slack line to get the bait to pop, spit, and splash
  • To get the bait to walk the dog, apply quicker twitches in a cadence

Gear Recommendations:

  • Line: Braid: 15-30lbs / Monofilament: 8-15lbs
  • Rods: Googan Twitch Casting or Googan Finesse Spinning

Product Specs

Length: 2 3/4"
Weight: 3/8 oz.
Hook Size: Size 6 Treble Hooks