Lono Aero Kayak

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BOTE Lono Aero Kayak

The Lono Aero Kayak from BOTE is gaining a reputation as the ultimate fishing inflatable. This innovative kayak fishing platform has a unique four-chamber design that creates incredible stability on the water, allowing fishermen to stand or sit. It has a convertible pedal port so you can employ paddle or pedal locomotion, as desired. With this sturdy 12' 6" boat, you get handy add-ons like slide-in Aero Rac Receivers, a rugged travel case, and a mounting sheath for the Sandspear and Power-Pole Micro anchor systems. Select the model that suits your style and start enjoying the fish-anywhere flexibility that you get with a Lono Aero Kayak!

• A rugged, versatile kayak that will take you anywhere fish are

• Easily configured as a sit-on-top boat or a stand-up paddleboard for fishing

• Optimized dimensions and a balanced design create remarkable stability

• Boat floor features MAGNEPOD magnetic base that simplifies drink retention

APEX Pedal Drive + Rudder System not included

Sandspear not included

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