Cabin Creek Baits Express Craw Jr.


Product Details

Cabin Creek Baits Express Craw Jr.

The profile of this bait is what makes it so special. The Express Craw has oversized claws and four wiggling legs protrude from its chunky torso, making it the perfect small crawfish imposter. Whether you thread it onto a jig head or use a Texas-rig, the action is remarkable, and the reduced size will attract pressured fish that might otherwise turn away. The Express Craw comes in a wide range of colors. Green Pumpkin and Black & Blue are two great, classic choices, but Cabin Creek offers a variety of patterns, so you can find one that looks exactly like your local crawfish. They’re as effective on largemouth bass as they are on smallmouth and attract many other species of gamefish. When a smaller craw is what’s on the menu, you’ll be glad you have a pack of Cabin Creek’s Express Craws in your tackle box!

Product Specs

Length: 2.75"
Color: Watermelon Pepper
Pack Size: 6 pack