Fishing Starter Kit


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Cast & Seek Fishing Starter Kit

When it's time to take the first steps on a fishing adventure, look no further than Cast and Seek. A ready-to-go kit with everything you need to get started. Carefully selected gear, easy guides and instructions, plus access to our complete educational video library. Whether you're new to the game, a comeback kid, or taking the little angler in your life on their very first trip. Relax, appreciate nature, and create new memories in the great outdoors. It all starts with one cast.

Inside the Box

Quick Start Guide: 1
Educational Booklet: 1
Inline Spinner: 2
Pre-rigged Plastic: 3
Aberdeen Hook: 1 x 6pk
Grub Bites: 1 x 12pk
Crankbait: 1
Spinnerbait: 2
Pliers: 1
Ribbon Tail Worm: 6
Offset Worm Hook: 1 x 3pk
Bobber: 2
Worm Weight: 1 x 3pk
Split Shot Weight: 1 x 6pk