BD12 Crankbait

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About This

Castaic BD12 Crankbait

The Castaic BD12 Crankbait is the ideal deep diving crank to target bass staged up in hard to reach deep water. Its ability to reach depths from 10-12ft of water puts this crank at the top for perfect midsummer baits. The BD12 comes armed in five different shad pattern variations including one craw color to imitate natural forage. With the help of Boyd Duckett, Bassmaster Classic Champion, the BD12 Crankbait has been designed and tuned to excel in the area of catching the big ones deep. The curved bill allows this crank to dig up bottom sediment and create a disturbance in the water to surely grab any near by attention from a hungry bass. Each BD12 comes fully equipped with super sharp round bend Katana Hooks and top quality split rings to increase hooks ups and keep the big ones pinned. The equipment needed to properly fish the BD12 is a 7’ 3” to 7’ 10” medium heavy to heavy glass or glass composite casting rod paired with a 5.3:1 gear ratio casting reels to slow things down. The longer the rod the farther the BD12 can be launched allowing the angler to cover more water in less time. The line needed to keep the BD12 at the advertised depth is 10-12lb fluorocarbon line. Fishing the crankbait on deep rocky flats and areas of deep water where baitfish are staging up can be the key to pinning down deep water largemouth.

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