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Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Gill Swimbait


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Catch Co. Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Gill Swimbait

Triton Mike Bucca has created one of the most revered swimbait lineups in the U.S. market. Catch Co. and Triton Mike worked to bring modified versions of his revolutionary swimbaits to the masses without compromising Mike's rigorous quality standards. 

The Bucca Baby Bull Gill is the newest collaboration between the two brands, a carefully crafted swimbait ready to make waves. The slow sinking, 3.75-inch multi-jointed swimbait weighs ¾ of an ounce and is constructed of ABS plastic compared to Mike's resin poured original.

Exclusive to Karl's: Catch Co. X Jekyll Longear Sunfish Special Edition Color Baby Bull Gill

A special edition pattern, made in collaboration with Jekyll Baits artist Jennifer Kravassi will be sure to add more flavor to your local waters. This color mod is still realistic - and fish have never seen anything quite like it before. Update your style and boost your success with a color that pops.

The Baby Bull Gill works exceptionally well in places where bigger fish feed on panfish, shad, or small bass. It can be a creek, pond, river, or reservoir - If panfish are on the menu, this is the bait to tie on. 

Giving a smooth and steady wind allows the bait to swim 2-5 feet below the surface as it sways and ungulates freely, creating an 'S' motion as it swims. If you burn the Bull Gill in using a fast retrieve, the swaying swimming motion tightens up, and the bait rises to the surface. Now you're mimicking a distressed baitfish near the surface. 

No need for specialized swimbait rods with this downsized gem, the Baby Bull Gill works on medium to medium-heavy casting and spinning rods.  

Gear Recommendations: 

Rod Power: Medium to Medium-Heavy (Crankbait Style Rods)

Rod Action: Moderate

Reel Speed: Medium to Fast Retrieval Speed

Line: 10-15lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilament