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Mike Bucca's Weedless Baby Bull Shad


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Catch Co. Mike Bucca's Weedless Baby Bull Shad

Designed to be your weedless best friend around any vegetation, the Bucca Weedless Baby Bull Shad is here to catch big grass dwellers. With a jointed body and a weighted EWG hook where the weight is hidden within the belly, the life-like profile and swimming action perfectly resembles a fleeing baitfish. It’s also equipped with an inner mesh to help prevent the tail from ripping off. Make sure you use the bait with braided line, and give a firm hookset after feeling a bite. This bait is a great choice whether you’re at the local pond, or pounding shallow cover on big water. All across the country, bass love to eat baitfish and we’ve got you covered with 6 colorways for any condition. 


  • Top fin to protect the hook point and make it weedless to come through vegetation and pull through cover like wood and brush
  • Mesh inside the body to help prevent the tail from ripping
  • Jointed body for life-like swimming action
  • One bait pre-rigged with weighted EWG hook, comes with additional bait
  • Weight of the hook is hidden within the soft plastic body for life-like profile

How to Fish:

  • Specifically designed to be used around shallow vegetation like weeds and lily pads, but can also be used around any shallow cover whether it be rock, wood, or docks.
  • Cast and retrieve at a medium to fast pace with your rod tip down to look like a fleeing baitfish. You can also work in twitches with your rod tip to get the bait to dart side to side, and also quick turns of the reel with pauses. A lot of times a fish will hit the bait when it pauses.
  • Set the hook similar to a frog bite. Once you feel the fish bite with your rod tip at horizontal to the water or pointed down, give it a quick second before sweeping your rod sideways and setting the hook hard.

Gear Recommendations:

  • Line: Braid 30-50lbs

  • Rods: 7'-7'6" Medium Heavy or Heavy Casting- Googan Go-To Casting, Googan Muscle Casting, Googan Go-To Spinning

Product Specs

Note: The bait comes with one pre-rigged, and one extra body
Note: Replacement weighted EWG hooks sold separately