Clickbait® Bundle


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Googan Squad Clickbait® Bundle

The Googan Squad Clickbait is a fan-favorite blade bait that will help you to catch more fish. With the Clickbait Bundle, you will receive all of the top-producing Clickbait colors so you can pick and choose depending on conditions and fish behavior! [$80+ MSRP Value]

This bundle includes the following Googan Squad Clickbait color in 3/8 oz:

Fire Craw
Green Pumpkin
Sunrise Craw
Blue Craw
Sexy Shad

About the Bait:

The Googan Squad Clickbait is a hybrid vibrating jig with the flash of a bladed jig, the swimming action of a scrounger, and unique vibration and flash that fish have never felt. Listen for the distinctive Clickbait clack when the lure’s blade bangs off the leading metal blade and wire.

Use a simple and straight retrieve to crush shallow water predatory bass and pike eager to feed on baitfish. The Googan Squad Clickbait resembles fleeing fish on the move, and the baits clacking blade triggers strikes by alerting fish through an extra sense in their lateral line. During free fall, the Clickbait shimmies and shakes allowing for an easy rise and fall retrieve, commonly referred to as the ‘yo-yo’ technique.

This product is covered by U.S. Patent No US10834909 and another patent pending.