ConnectScale Bluetooth Smart Scale


Product Details

ConnectScale Bluetooth Smart Scale

The ConnectScale is the best tool to weigh and track all of your catches. The app’s simple interface paired with its extra-strength hook give it all you need from the hook you bring on the water. Connecting to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, the app will log weight, air temperature, date, time, & GPS location for every fish you put on the scale. And don’t worry, the app also connects to social media so you can brag to your friends when you catch a big one, directly from your Android or iPhone.

Some unique features of this scale include:

- Weight in Pounds, Ounces, Kilogram
- Oversized hook for weighing fish up to 55 pounds
- Built in thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius
- Reset and Memory Hold functions allow for taring weight of a Tournament Weight Bag or Lip Clamps to give you more flexibility in how you weigh your catches
- Bluetooth® Smart Low Energy Technology
- 1M Tape Measure