Saltist Back Bay LT Spinning Reel


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Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT Spinning Reel

The Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT Spinning Reel delivers outstanding saltwater angling performance. It's made for fishermen who love to cast in shallow inlets, brackish feeder creeks, and other inland spots where huge fish lurk. This premium reel features strong, lightweight aluminum alloy construction and Daiwa's precision-engineered gearing. The innovative Magsealed main shaft is protected by magnetic oil to create an impenetrable barrier against salt and sand. To optimize performance for countless techniques, spool up with 8 and 10-pound test mono or the same-size braid. This purpose-built reel is a saltwater workhorse—buy the Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT Spinning Reel today!

• Industry-leading Daiwa quality you can count on

• Lightweight aluminum alloy body maximizes strength

• Digitally engineered gear design provides unparalleled power and smooth operation

• Fine-tuned bail and rotor ensure superior casting and line control

• Automatic drag system applies steady pressure to tame surging fish

Model Mono Line Capacity (lbs./yards) Weight (oz) Bearings Gear Ratio Max Drag (lbs.)
3000 10/140 9.9 6BB + 1 5.6:1 15.4
4000 10/200 10.6 6BB + 1 5.6:1 15.4