Offensively Large Lip Balm


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Duke Cannon Offensively Large Lip Balm

Duke Cannon Offensively Large Lip Balm is a useful accessory for outward-bound dudes. Sportsmen have to deal with chapping from wind, moisture, and UV rays—being outside can do a number on your lips. Most guys have one of those small lip balm sticks lying around somewhere—they're hard to find in a backpack, a pain to use, and they often smell like candy. This man-sized lip balm is four times larger than normal ones, has a pleasing mint taste, and is made using a formulation that holds up in harsh conditions. Treat yourself to this handy, oversized lip balm, or get it as a gift for a friend!

• Shields lips from the chapping effects of sun, wind, and moisture
• Over half an ounce—you'll be set for lip balm for a long time!
• Say goodbye to puny, hard-to-handle lip balm sticks
• Stands up to extreme temperatures