Ball Bearing Swivel With Interlock Snap


Product Details

Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Swivel With Interlock Snap

The Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Swivel with Interlock Snap is a must-have component for countless rigs, providing a rock-solid connection point and eliminating line twists. You won't have to retie every time you change lures—the reliable snap is easy to open when you want to but otherwise stays solidly closed. A tough finish protects this hardware in any conditions. These snap swivels are made in the right sizes for all your rigs, and you can choose between black or nickel finish. Add this premium terminal tackle to your collection.

• Ball-bearing swivel spins freely to eliminate line twists
• Snap made of premium, heavy-gauge steel wire
• Design with minimal bulk so lure action is not inhibited
• Tough finish prevents corrosion"