Catfish Tackle Kit


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Eagle Claw Catfish Tackle Kit

The Eagle Claw Catfish Tackle Kit has everything you need to make all kinds of bait fishing rigs, with components that are hand-selected by pros who know catfishing. There are hooks, weights, swivels, and other must-have rig components, plus Eagle Claw's popular Ready Rig to get you fishing fast. You get strike alert bells, a long-handled hook remover, and even a stringer so you can bring home dinner! Chasing down each item would be a pain and cost you more—take a money-saving shortcut and pick up your Eagle Claw Catfish Kit today!

• A smart, low-cost way to get all the gear you need for catfishing
• Sharp, right-sized hooks made of tempered steel
• Floats, weights, swivels—you can create any rig
• Premium terminal tackle from a manufacturer you can trust