Lazer Tungsten Worm Weights


Product Details

Eagle Claw Lazer Tungsten Worm Weights

Eagle Claw Lazer Tungsten Worm Weights will give you an edge on the competition. Compact tungsten construction provides a fast sink rate with less bulk than lead, and dense tungsten clicks louder than lead when it contacts rocks and other cover. Color match with your favorite soft plastics for a lifelike appearance. Make Lazer Tungsten Worm Weights your next tackle upgrade!

  • Flip and pitch for bass in shallow cover, or improve your Carolina rig
  • Heavy weight with less bulk gets in the strike zone fast
  • Hard-as-nails painted finish resists chips
  • Nylon sleeve protects your line

Product Specs

Weight: 1/8oz
Color: Plain Finish
Pack Size: 4pack