Ultimate Trout Kit


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Eagle Claw Ultimate Trout Kit

The Eagle Claw Ultimate Trout Kit is an easy way to get everything you need for all kinds of trout fishing. It's a curated collection of top-quality gear that you won't have to hunt down yourself, and it's priced right. This kit includes the ideal assortment of needle-sharp hooks for trout, some snelled for deadly bait rigs. There are premium swivels and snaps, plus this kit gives you a choice of floats, beads, weights, and stops, so you'll be ready with the right rig no matter what. The Ultimate Trout Kit will help you catch more fish!

• Components to create any trout rig
• American-made hooks are strong and needle-sharp
• 6-foot stringer to bring home dinner
• Premium terminal tackle from a manufacturer you can trust