Gamma Scud


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Eurotackle Gamma Scud

Panfish go nuts for the Eurotackle Gamma Scud. This 1" bait is the perfect mouthful for hungry bluegill, perch, crappie, and the other delicious, small species we fish for. Imitating a freshwater shrimp plus half a dozen other underwater critters, the Gamma Scud is just what pint-sized predators are looking for. The bait's slender legs wiggle with the slightest movement, enticing strikes even when the fish are being less than cooperative. Eurotackle's innovative S-Pheromone Technology means these baits have a smell and taste that fish can't resist. You get 8 baits per pack and there's a wide range of fish-catching colors to choose from. Let the Eurotackle Gamma Scud help you catch more panfish!