Z-Viber Micro


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Eurotackle Z-Viber Micro

The Euro Tackle Z Series is a collection of premium hard bait lures designed to mimic the natural look and action of forage and baitfish. Each bait in the Z series line up will help you fish more effectively. Built with premium components and optimal design features, the Euro Tackle Z Series will not let you down.

The Z-Viber Micro is a miniature hard bait that blends a jigging spoon and a rattle bait. The Micro Z-Vibers allow anglers to fish vertically with a loud, erratic bait that comes in a downsized offering. The Z-Viber Micro is ideal for targeting panfish and trout both through the ice and in open water. Add a small piece of natural bait to the hook when the fishing gets slow; it's a combo fish can't resist.

  • Downsized profile ideal for finicky fish
  • Premium hook to help increase landing percentage
  • The hybrid design is proven to catch fish
  • Fish approved colors ready to dominate the water
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