ZERUST MAX Rigging Box


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Flambeau Outdoors ZERUST MAX Rigging Box

The Flambeau ZERUST MAX Rigging Box is the best container you can find for fast, easy rigging. There are 22 compartments and 16 dividers, plus the key feature of this rigging box, a removable tray. The tray means you can get access to all the components needed for your rig, all at the same time. For vertical storage, there are molded-in feet on the edge, plus this box is stackable so you can stow multiple boxes together. A translucent lid and base make it easy to ID the contents. Quick access to all your gear, plus Flambeau's amazing Zerust vapor technology, which provides unmatched rust prevention—you can't go wrong! Add the Flambeau ZERUST MAX Rigging Box to your gear collection now!