ZERUST MAX Tuff Tainer


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Flambeau Outdoors ZERUST MAX Tuff Tainer

The Flambeau Outdoors ZERUST MAX Tuff Tainer is the best container to keep your fishing gear clean, dry, and protected from the elements. It happens to every angler—in the blink of an eye, you accumulate more tackle than you have boxes to keep it in. Handle the overflow with the Flambeau Tuff Tainer. This box is constructed of plastic that's infused with a specialized chemical, Zerust VCI vapor technology, which provides remarkable corrosion prevention for metal in marine environments. An invisible, odorless, tasteless, and FDA-safe vapor envelops the contents of the Tuff Tainer and keeps exposed metal from rusting. All your gear deserves a safe storage spot—pick up a Flambeau Outdoors ZERUST MAX Tuff Tainer today!

Medium: 11" L x 7.25" W x 1.75" D, 24 Compartments
Large: 14.25" L x 9.125" W x 2" D, 36 Compartments

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