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Lunker Log


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Googan Baits Lunker Log

The Lunker Log is the Googan Squad’s take on the classic stick bait. Lunker Logs have a tantalizing shimmy on the fall, and they’re packed with salt and scent to sweeten the deal. Rig this bait weightless 'wacky style' in skinny water, Texas-style around grass or cover, or thread it on the back of a shaky head to pick apart offshore structure.


  • Scented & salted
  • 3 fish-catching sizes

Gear Recommendations:

Reel: Googan 2500 spinning reel

Rod: Googan Go-To or Finesse Spinning Rod

Line: 8-15lb Fluorocarbon


    Product Specs

    Size: 4" - 5" - 6"
    Pack Size: (4") 9 pack (5") 8pack (6") 6pack