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Googan Baits Slizzard

The Googan Baits Slizzard Lizard was designed to evolve lizard fishing for the modern angler. The patented V-Ridge double-flange on all appendages creates maximum water displacement to lure bites throughout the entire water column in all water conditions. The newly engineered segmented body allows the Slizzard to articulate a life-like movement creating an irresistible presentation from the fall through the entire retrieve. The Slizzard comes in at 5 inches, but stretches to 7 inches with the tail fully extended, and is infused with Slaunch Sauce Scent.


  • Segmented Body for Life-Like Movement
  • Long Sickle-Tail & Legs Engineered with V-Ridge Double-Flange 
  • The Slizzard works well in both fast and slow retrievals and is perfect in a wide range of applications from a Carolina-rig, Texas-rig, and can even be used as a trailer on a buzz bait.
  • Slaunch Sauce Scent
  • 7 Inches with Tail Fully Extended 
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