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Banger Squarebill Crankbait


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Googan Squad Banger Squarebill Crankbait

The Googan Squad Banger is the dirtiest of square bills and designed to be fished around mondo hangouts like rock, wood, docks, and bridge pilings. The square bill design allows for easy deflection when banged against cover diving depths of 2'-5'. This will help you prevent snagging while creating a unique swimming action which oftentimes helps trigger strikes.

The Googan Squad designed a variety of mouthwatering colors, creating an arsenal of cranks for all water types and conditions. All Googan Squad Crankbaits come with Mustad Triple Grip Hooks and their diving depth painted on the bottom of the bait.

Gear Recommendations:
Googan Squad Fluorocarbon 10-15lb
Casting Reaction Rod 
6.4:1 - 7.3:1 gear ratio casting reel

Pro Tips:
Throw the Googan Banger in places where other cranks get snagged! Instead of fishing a creature bait or jig on a laydown, you can confidently throw this bait along the limbs and trigger bass to strike as it deflects off the cover.

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Product Specs

Length: 2 ¼”
Weight: ⅜ oz
Diving Depth: 2'-5’
Rattling: Yes
Hook Size: #4