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Googan Squad Bass Starter Kit

It’s bass fishing time.

The Googan Squad Bass Starter Kit comes loaded with killer Googan-crafted baits that'll hammer these transitional fish. Tried and true techniques that'll catch you a boatload of beastly bruisers. Grab this discounted bundle today, tie on what the Googans tie on, and join the Mondo Mania.

Each Kit Includes:

Googan Squad Mini Banger (1/4oz) - 1pack

Googan Squad Flat Banger (1/2oz) - 1pack

Googan Squad Klutch (1/2oz) - 1pack

Googan Squad Jr. Scout (3/8oz) - 1pack

Googan Squad Clickbait (3/8oz) - 1pack

Googan Baits Saucy Swimmer 3.3" - 8pack

Googan Squad Lil Juicee Jig (3/16oz) - 1pack

Googan Baits Rattlin' Chunk 3" - 7pack

MSRP: $59.42

** Note: Box design in the image above is a rendering, products come in a Googan Squad branded box

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