Black Series Reaction Light - Glass Casting Rod


Product Details

Googan Squad Black Series Reaction Light - Glass Casting Rod

Reaction baits are quick-moving baits often with treble hooks that trigger bites. These lures dart past the fish at a fast pace. When a fish does bite, you need a well-balanced rod to bend back and sink those trebles right into the fish's mouth. The Googan Squad Reaction Series is that rod.

The new Googan Black Reaction rods are built using glass composite blanks to optimize the blanks for throwing reaction baits. The glass composite blanks help achieve a slower action so that fish don't throw the bait and to help drive a solid hookset.

The Reaction Light -Glass rod is best suited for smaller reaction baits like blade baits and smaller crankbaits.

Product Specs

Length: 7'2"
Power: Medium
Action: Moderate
Line Rating Mono/Fluoro: 8-17lb
Line Rating Braid: 20-40lb
Lure Rating: 1/4 - 5/8 oz
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