CatchSmart™ Muscle Kit

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About This

Googan Squad CatchSmart™ Muscle Kit

This kit is powered by the CatchSmart System. It includes six killer Googan-crafted baits that work best when paired with the Googan Squad Muscle Rod. These baits require an extra fast action / heavy power rod with that “oomph” to get a hefty hookset. Plus, this kit includes info on gear recommendations and where to throw. Pick this puppy up and flex those fierce fatties into the boat.
MSRP: $38.94

Gear Recommendations 

Rod: Googan Squad Muscle Casting Rod

Line: 14-20lb fluorocarbon or 30-65lb braided line

Products Included:

Googan Squad Filthy Frog

The Filthy Frog from Googan Squad is a hollow-bodied topwater bait that cleans up in the slop. Its weedless design allows you to work this bait through the thickest cover, and the bait's narrow-body presents a perfect frog profile.

Googan Squad Thicc Jig 
The Googan Squad Thicc jig is a flipping jig designed for use in thicker cover than other jigs can handle. The head is pointed, to go in and out of cover easier. 

Googan Squad Juicee Jig
The Googan Squad Juicee Jig is the "do it all jig" designed specifically by the Googans. The Juicee jig has an Arkie style head which means it can be flipped around wood, skipped under docks, and easily fished through grass.

Googan Squad Heavy Hammer Hooks 4/0 
A true hybrid, the Heavy Hammer Hook is a cross between a flipping hook and your classic EWG hook style (extra-wide gap hook).

Googan Squad Poppin' Filthy Frog 
The Googan Squad Poppin' Filthy Frog is designed to splash, spray and spit your way into a bite. A cupped mouth helps you ''walk the dog'', keeping the bait in the zone longer.

Googan Baits Bandito Bug
Designed with a unique kicking action, the Googan Baits Bandito bug gets its drawing power from the highly engineered flanges attached at the tips of each arm.


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