CatchSmart™ Finesse Rod & Kit Bundle

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About This

Googan Squad CatchSmart™ Finesse Rod & Kit Bundle


This kit is powered by the CatchSmart System. It includes six killer Googan-crafted baits that work best when paired with either Googan Squad Finesse Rod. These baits need a sensitive, medium to medium light power rod to detect light bites from finicky fish. Plus, this kit includes info on gear recommendations and where to throw. Pick this puppy up and finesse those fierce firecrackers into the boat.

Available to continental US only. No refunds accepted. Rods can only be exchanged for other rods. Rods cannot be expedited.

The Googan Squad Finesse Spinning Rod shines when using smaller lures that are hard to cast on casting gear. The rod tip’s sensitive, fast action detects discovery bites and sets the hook in a hurry. Medium power and length to cast smaller lures a country mile. The Googan Squad Finesse Spinning Rod: Small presentations. Big reputation.


The Googan Squad Finesse Light Spinning Rod is designed for finesse techniques like ned rigs, drop shots, Neko rigs, hair jigs, and more. Moderate action provides a bend throughout the rod. This increases your leverage while casting and shock absorption while battling fish. This may be the featherweight of the lineup, but this baby packs a punch and pulls its weight.


KIT MSRP: $41.94


Googan Squad Lil’ Juicee Jig - The “do it all” jig in a scaled-down package. Flip around wood, skip under docks, and fish through grass.

Googan Squad Jr. Scout - A 3.5-inch hard-bodied jerkbait that looks and swims like a small baitfish. The Jr. Scout mimics the action of a rolling or dying baitfish which looks like a juicy snack to any passing bass.

Googan Squad Mini Recon - A downsized, round billed crankbait designed to hunt and deflect off cover in the 3-6 foot depth range. 

Googan Squad Mini Klutch - A downsized lipless crankbait designed with a realistic and tight wobble to mimic swimming baitfish and fleeing crawfish.

Googan Baits Rattlin' Ned - A classic finesse bait designed for a Ned Rig, equipped with an internal rattle system. Puts off a gentle fish-friendly sound when retrieved that calls in finicky fish.

Googan Baits Drag n Drop - A finesse drop shot worm with a bait-fish profile. This little bass snack can produce bites in the toughest conditions.








Finesse Light

Link To Rod Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Type Casting Casting Casting Casting Spinning Spinning
Length 7' 7'2" 6'9" 7'5" 7' 6'10"
Power Medium-Heavy Medium Medium Heavy Medium Medium
Action Fast Moderate Moderate Extra-Fast Fast Moderate
Line Weight - Mono/Fluoro 12-17lb 10-17lb 8-15lb 12-25lb 8-12lb 6-12lb
Line Weight - Braid 30-50lb 30-50lb 15-30lb 50-65lb 15-30lb 15-30lb
Lure Weight 3/8-3/4oz 3/8oz-1oz 1/4-1/2oz 3/8-1oz 3/16-1/2oz 1/10-3/8oz
Handle Length 15" 15" 13" 16 1/3" 12 1/4" 12 1/4"

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