CatchSmart™ Reaction Rod & Kit Bundle

Googan Squad Green Series Reaction Casting Rod: 7'2" - Medium - Moderate - 1 pc   +$98.99
1 x Googan Squad CatchSmart™ Reaction Kit   +$35.99
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Googan Squad CatchSmart™ Reaction Rod & Kit Bundle


This kit is powered by the CatchSmart System. It includes six killer Googan-crafted baits that work best when paired with the Googan Squad Reaction Rod. These baits need a longer moderate action / medium power rod to handle reactionary strikes from hungry hawgs. Plus, this kit includes info on gear recommendations and where to throw. Pick this puppy up and crank those chubby chunks into the boat.

Available to continental US only. No refunds accepted. Rods can only be exchanged for other rods. Rods cannot be expedited.

KIT MSRP: $47.94

The Googan Squad Reaction Rod shines when using lures that trigger unexpected, reactionary strikes. This well-balanced rod bends back on a quick strike, sinking treble hooks in a fish’s mouth. The moderate action allows fish to stay hooked, without tearing the hooks out. Medium power and a longer butt lets you load up on long casts and launch lures. The Googan Squad Reaction Rod puts lures in front of a fish’s face and holds on tighter than mommy when they take that gulp.



Googan Squad Klutch - A lipless crankbait designed with a realistic and tight wobble to mimic swimming baitfish and fleeing crawfish.


Googan Squad Banger - A square bill crank designed for easy deflection when banged against cover. This will help you prevent snagging while creating a unique swimming action which oftentimes helps trigger strikes.


Googan Squad Recon - A round billed crankbait designed to hunt and deflect off cover in the 8-12 foot depth range. This bait will stand out when fishing deep docks, grass lines, or quick breaks and drop-offs along the shoreline.


Googan Squad Flat Banger - A flat-sided squarebill with a more aggressive, wider wobble than other standard squarebills. Ideal for cool water, pressured fish, and whenever you want a square bill with a switched-up look.


Googan Squad Grande Banger  - An upsized profile of the Banger that displaces more water, increasing it’s drawing power.


Googan Squad Grande Recon - A beefed-up version of the Recon, designed to probe the dark depths. Can dive 15-20 feet.







Finesse Light

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Type Casting Casting Casting Casting Spinning Spinning
Length 7' 7'2" 6'9" 7'5" 7' 6'10"
Power Medium-Heavy Medium Medium Heavy Medium Medium
Action Fast Moderate Moderate Extra-Fast Fast Moderate
Line Weight - Mono/Fluoro 12-17lb 10-17lb 8-15lb 12-25lb 8-12lb 6-12lb
Line Weight - Braid 30-50lb 30-50lb 15-30lb 50-65lb 15-30lb 15-30lb
Lure Weight 3/8-3/4oz 3/8oz-1oz 1/4-1/2oz 3/8-1oz 3/16-1/2oz 1/10-3/8oz
Handle Length 15" 15" 13" 16 1/3" 12 1/4" 12 1/4"

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