Limited Edition Jekyll Contender Swimbait


Product Details

Googan Squad Limited Edition Jekyll Contender Swimbait

The beloved Googan Squad Contender has gotten a facelift courtesy of Jekyll Baits artist Jennifer Kravassi. Featuring four distinct, ultra-realistic color options, the special edition Contender is a swimabit capable of special things.

The slowly sinking body of the Googan Squad Contender has an unrivaled lifelike motion in the water. The 2-jointed, 3-piece body is painted with deliciously tasty details and features a unique, soft-touch rubberized matte finish. The rotating hook hangers are included to help keep your mondo from shaking the hooks. The Contender excels with a slow, steady retrieve. But don’t be afraid to experiment with a stop and go cadence, or even quick twitches of your rod tip. These retrieves can trigger wary bass. Pick up the larger Contender and go target your new PB!

Product Specs

Contender ROF: (Rate of Fall) - 7ft