Formerly Known as Contender

Fat Shaddy

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About This

Googan Squad Fat Shaddy

The slowly sinking body of the Googan Squad Fat Shaddy has an unrivaled lifelike motion in the water. The 2-jointed, 3-piece body is painted with deliciously tasty details and features a unique, soft-touch rubberized matte finish. The rotating hook hangers are included to help keep your mondo from shaking the hooks. The Fat Shaddy excels with a slow, steady retrieve. But don’t be afraid to experiment with a stop and go cadence, or even quick twitches of your rod tip. These retrieves can trigger wary bass. Pick up the larger Fat Shaddy and go target your new PB!

Jr. Fat Shaddy Available Here: Googan Squad Jr. Fat Shaddy - Swimbaits - Baits & Tackle (

Gear Recommendations Contender:

Googan Squad Muscle Rod

Moderate Speed Casting Reel

15-25lb Monofilament or Fluorocarbon 

Additional Features

  • Rotating hook hangers that increase fish landing percentage

  • The lifelike rubberized paint finish

  • A double-jointed body that has a wide, fluid swimming motion, which leads to a lot of “fish drawing power” - The ability to draw fish in to follow and investigate the lure easily

  • The ability to turn 180 degrees when popped hard - this triggers wary bass following the lure into striking

  • Large profile to draw strikes from trophy size fish

  • 2x beefy treble hooks

  • Slow sinking

Product Specs

Contender ROF (Rate of Fall): 7ft
ROF (Rate of Fall: How many feet the lure sinks in 10 seconds. **May vary slightly based on water temp**:
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