Fillet Knife


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Googan Squad Fillet Knife

Filleting fish doesn't have to be difficult. When you're ready to do your catch and cook, make quick work of the fillet process with the Googan Squad 7in Fillet Knife. The knife is equipped with a sharp, durable stainless steel blade to cut through scales, meat, and bone. It also features a soft grip handle so you can securely hold the knife while your hands are wet or slimy.

Between uses, check the blade to make sure it's sharp. If the blade starts to become dull, use the provided sharpener to put a new edge on the blade. Dull blades can be dangerous to use as it may cause the user to force a cut.

WARNING: This is not a toy. Keep away from children. Knives are sharp and should only be used with care and caution. Misuse of your knife can cause serious injury or even death.