Grande Klutch Lipless Crankbait


Product Details

Googan Squad Grande Klutch Lipless Crankbait

The Googan Squad Grande Klutch is an upsized lipless crankbait designed with a realistic and tight wobble to mimic swimming baitfish and fleeing crawfish. Fish the Googan Squad Grande Klutch all year long, but this bait will crush in the Spring and Fall when bass are putting on the feedbag. The added weight and upsized profile help the Grande Klutch cast further, sink faster while maintaining a mondo magnet profile. 

The entire Googan Squad designed each of the mouth-watering colors, and the crew over at the Catch Co. moved forward with execution. This series of crankbaits that will stand out from the pack.

Gear Recommendations: 

Googan Squad Fluorocarbon 14-20lb

Medium-heavy to heavy power casting rod with moderate action

6.3:1 - 7.3:1 gear ratio casting reel

Pro Tips: Use the Googan Squad Grande Klutch when you're looking to upsize bites and target the biggest bass. The Grande Klutch works wonders in the fall when bass are feeding on the bigger baitfish that have had all season to grow. The Googan Squad Grande Klutch also will continually get bit by northern pike, walleye, and striped bass.

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Product Specs

Length: 3"
Weight: 7/8 oz
Rattling: Yes
Diving Depth: Sinking
Hook Size: #2