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Grass Hero Swim Jig


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Googan Squad Grass Hero Swim Jig

The Googan Squad Grass Hero is a swim jig that's designed to penetrate heavy vegetation on the fall and then glide through the slop with ease, attracting predators and triggering vicious attacks. This bait features a slender head that narrows to a point near the eye of the hook. That makes it move more easily through vegetation. Add a paddle tail trailer for a wobbling action and thumping vibration. This bait is equipped with a strong, super-sharp hook and comes in a variety of fish-attracting color patterns.

Unites States Patent #D923,135


  • Weights printed on the head

  • Double bait keeper to keep plastics pinned

  • Hand-tied skirts

  • U-shaped weed guards for optimal performance

Gear Recommendations: 

Googan Squad Fluorocarbon 12-20lb or 30-50lb braided line

Rod: Medium-heavy to heavy power casting rod with a fast tip

Reel: 5.4:1 - 7.1:1 gear ratio casting reel

Pro Tips: The Grass Hero is a great search bait that lets you cover a lot of water fast. Its weedless design means hang-ups won't keep you from power-fishing your way down a weed line. The next time you're struggling to target fish in heavy vegetation, the Grass Hero will come to the rescue. Pick up one of these awesome swim jigs from the Googan Squad and Catch Co. today.