Heavy Hammer Hooks


Product Details

Googan Squad Heavy Hammer Hooks

The Googan Squad Heavy Hammer Hook are big boi hooks built to rope in fat bass. A true hybrid, the Heavy Hammer Hook is a cross between a flipping hook and your classic EWG hook style (extra-wide gap hook).

Flipping hooks are compact, heavy-duty hooks with a high hook up ratio. The hook point and line tie are offset in most flipping hooks which help the bait pull into the fish’s mouth easier upon hookset.

Extra Wide Gap hooks are more versatile and built with an extra-wide gap. The wider gap allows easier rigging of large plastics while leaving a wide gap between your hook and the plastic.

The Googan Squad Heavy Hammer Hook draws inspiration from both hook styles to create a one of a kind terminal tool built for big fish. An offset hook point design, wide gap, extended hook point, and natural fall rate will help any plastic you pair with this hook, look like a bass snacc.

Pro Tip: Set the hook HARD! Once you detect a bite with the Heavy Hammer Hooks, really go for it on the hookset. The Heavy Hammer Hook is made with a thick gauged wire which requires a little more ‘umph’ on hooksets. The harder you set the hook, the better chance at driving the hook home, into the fishes mouth.

Gear Recommendations:

Casting Rod Medium-Heavy

Casting Reel: 6:4.1-7:3.1 Gear Ratio

15-25lb Googan Fluorocarbon or 40-65lb Braided Line