Hound Topwater Walking Bait


Product Details

Googan Squad Hound Topwater Walking Bait

The Googan Squad Hound is a tight walking topwater bait with a cupped mouth for added splash as you bring this puppy in. It's equipped with three sticky sharp, black nickel treble hooks, with a feathered back hook to help fool fish and keep them pinned. 

While at rest, the Googan Squad Hound will sit with it's backside down, which gives the back feathered treble hook a chance to sit just below the water's surface for added yumminess to nearby fish. Built with internal one-knocker style rattles, the Googan Squad Hound makes plenty of noise to draw in a big bite.

Available in a variety of Googan approved colors that add to this doggy's swagger. Fish the Googan Squad Hound around schooling fish, across points, shallow water flats, and any other open water areas where bass are ambushing baitfish.

Pro Tips: Throw the Googan Squad Hound when bass are actively feeding on baitfish, especially during cloudy days or low light situations. It's best to leave a bit of slack in your line when working the bait, so when you pop your rod tip down it allows the Hound to effectively glide back and forth. Over the top of submergent grass, shallow points and shell bars, and shallow flats are all great spots to chuck the Googan Squad Hound.

Gear Recommendations:

Googan Squad Monofilament 12-15lb or 15-30lb Googan Braided Line 

6’9” - 7’6” Medium-Medium heavy, Moderate rods

6.4.1 - 7.3.1 gear ratio casting reel


Product Specs

Rattling: Yes