Micro Recon Crankbait


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Googan Squad Micro Recon Crankbait

The Micro Recon has been developed, tested, and certified juicy by the Googan Squad in collaboration with Catch Co. This micro-sized morsel is ideal for panfish, trout, and bass in small bodies of water like ponds or creeks. It's finished with some tasty details. Like, a micro round-bill that dives 2-4 ft, and deflects off hard cover such as wood and rocks. High quality short-shank hooks that hook just about anything that breathes. And, the classic Googan Stink Eyes & Gill Plate that offers the perfect contrast that lunkers crave. The ⅛ oz size of the Micro Recon is best suited for panfish and trout, but will also catch bass in creeks and small ponds. Round-billed crankbaits are designed to hunt and deflect off cover in slightly deeper water than square-billed cranks. Fish this puppy around, and bang into, structure like rocks, wood, docks, and bridge pilings in 2-4 feet of water. The rounded bill prevents snagging while creating a unique swimming action which often triggers strikes. Tie this beaut on a light-action spinning setup and add some versatility to your arsenal.

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Product Specs

Length: 1.5"
Weight: 1/8 oz
Diving Depth: 2'-4'
Rattling: Yes
Hook Size: #12