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Mini Bumper Spinnerbait


Product Details

Googan Squad Mini Bumper Spinnerbait

The Googan Squad Bumper is a down-sized double Colorado bladed spinnerbait designed to thrive in cold, dirty and pressured water. When the water gets cold, bass generally don't want to chase food very far. This bait can be reeled at slower speeds than a willow bladed spinnerbait to provide bass with the right presentation. Similar scenario for dirty water: When bass can't see far in the water, they use their lateral line to sense what’s around them. This heavy thumping spinnerbait sends vibration through the water that allows bass to key in and strike.


  • Hand-tied skirt fastened around a sticky sharp Mustad Hook
  • Double trailer keeper for soft plastics
  • To help prevent line slippage, the Bumper also features a pre-rigged rubber knot stopper to keep your line from sneaking down the wire of the bait

Gear Recommendations: 

  • Rods: Mini: Go-To Casting or Go-To Spinning
  • Line: 12-17lb Monofilament or Fluorocarbon
  • Reel: Googan Green or Gold Casting Reels (Coming soon) or most low profile baitcasters up to 200 size. Googan Green or Gold 2500 Size Spinning Reels.

Product Specs

Size/Weight: Mini - 1/4 oz
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