Mini Poppin' Filthy Frog


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Googan Squad Mini Poppin' Filthy Frog

The Googan Squad Poppin' Filthy Frog is designed to splash, spray and spit your way into a bite. The 100% weedless body also allows you to fish it in the thickest slop, while the protective tubing around the hook keeps water out. And, an internal weight improves casting distance while assuring upright landing every cast. This amphibian can be fished in two different methods around heavy vegetation or cover like docks, wood, and rock. Both of these methods allow the bait to stay in the strike zone longer, making it harder for a mondo to resist. Popping: Keeping your rod tip down, twitch your rod on a slackline with pauses between twitches to make the frog spit and splash water. Walking: Keeping your rod tip down, twitch your rod quickly on a slackline to make the frog walk from side to side.

Use With: Googan Squad Go-To Casting Rod or Googan Squad Finesse Spinning Rod

Pro Tip: Always wait a second before setting the hook on a hollow body frog. A short pause gives the fish time to fully take the bait, while providing you time for a strong hookset.

Great For: Ponds, Creeks, or Pressured Bodies of Water 

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Product Specs

Length: 2"
Weight: 3/8 oz