Rip Blade Bait


Product Details

Googan Squad Rip Blade Bait

Whether you’re trying to catch a mondo or targeting species to “release to the grease,” the Rip blade bait has you covered. Throw this when fish are keyed on baitfish, whether they’re on the bottom or suspended in deep water. The versatility of this bait allows it to be fished on a standard cast and retrieve or yo-yo’d on the bottom. It can be the most effective when vertically jigged. To get the bait to vibrate, rip your rod tip up and let the bait fall back down on a semi-tight line so you can feel bites. Depending on water temps, adjust how aggressive the bait is fished. Colder temps may require more subtle action.


  • Life-like size and profile
  • Low center of gravity to fall vertically and put out strong vibrations when ripped up with your rod tip
  • Multiple split ring line tie positions depending on desired vibration level
  • Location closest to the head provides the most vibration and reduces the further you bring it back

How to Fish:

  • Can be casted and retrieved like a lipless crankbait or yo-yo’d along the bottom
  • Best used vertical jigging by ripping up quickly with your rod to get the bait to vibrate and then let it fall back down. The water temperature and how bass are reacting should dictate how hard and how quickly you rip the bait up and down  

Gear Recommendations:

  • Line: 10-15lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilament (mainline or leader)
  • Rods: Googan Black Reaction Light Casting, Googan Finesse Spinning

Product Specs

Length: 2"
Weight: 1/2 oz.