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Scout Jerkbait


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Googan Squad Scout Jerkbait

The Googan Squad Scout is a hard-bodied, suspending jerkbait that looks and swims like a lively baitfish. This jerkbait is the deal whenever bass are feeding on minnows or shad. With each rip of the rod, the Scout will slash and dance across the middle of the water column, looking like a wounded or fleeing baitfish. Each Scout is built with a lifelike integrated lateral line that adds realism to this bait.

What’s inside?—Every Scout has a set of internal rattles that are stashed in a chamber positioned around the Scout’s belly. The internal rattles do 3 things; keep the Scout suspended, improve casting distance, and provide a fish calling rattle. To finish things off, we’ve added a set of Googan approved, black nickel hooks that are so sharp it’s almost dangerous.

Pro Tip: Use the Scout when you are looking to imitate a wounded baitfish, ideally in water temperatures of 45-65 degrees. Fish the Scout with your rod tip down and a bit of slack in the line. Give the bait short pops with a cadence of rip, rip, pause. The colder the water, the longer the pause between rips.

 Gear Recommendations:

Googan Squad Fluorocarbon 10-15lb 

6’9” - 7’6” Medium-Medium heavy, Moderate rods

Casting or spinning reel


Product Specs

Rattling: Yes
Diving Depth: 4ft - 6ft
Hook Size: #8