Skirted Smorgasbord Savings Bundle


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Googan Squad Skirted Smorgasbord Savings Bundle

Where would bass fishing be without skirts. Whether they are fluttering behind a churning spinnerbait, swaying like a crayfish's arms behind a jig or slowly pulsing behind the chug of a bladed jig, skirts absolutely rock. That is why we have created the Googan Squad Skirted Smorgasbord Savings Bundle. Filled with every skirted bait in the Googan Squad catalog, you can wield the power of the skirt to catch more fish. If you fancy yourself a spinnerbait, buzzbait or jig lover, you have to check out the Googan Squad Skirted Smorgasbord Savings Bundle.

This Bundle Includes:

  • Googan Squad Clickbait Fire Craw
  • Googan Squad Zinger Bluegill
  • Googan Squad Mini Zinger Chartreuse White
  • Googan Squad Bumper Sunrise Craw
  • Googan Squad Mini Bumper Black/Blue
  • Googan Squad Hummer Black
  • Googan Squad Grass Hero Jig Sexy Shad
  • Googan Squad Juicee Jig Green Pumpkin
  • Googan Squad Thicc Jig Cowboy Craw
  • Googan Squad Lil' Juicee Jig Black & Blue
  • Googan Squad Gridiron Jig Okeechobee Craw

Product Specs

MSRP Value: $72+