Slurpin' Spoon


Product Details

Googan Squad Slurpin' Spoon

When you’re targeting multi-species in medium to deep water, the Slurpin’ Spoon is the solution. This bad boy’s erratic darting action mimics an injured or dying baitfish when vertically jigged. Throw this when fish are keyed on shad. Use it in colder temps, or on suspended or bottom dwelling fish.

Product Features:

  • Swivel line tie to reduce line twist
  • Life-like baitfish profile
  • Feathered treble hook
  • Weight is printed on the body for easy size identification

How to fish:

Whether it’s next to standing timber, on the drop off of a point, or over suspended bait, get on top of the targeted fish to present a bait right at their eye level. To give the bait action, let a little slack into your line and then pop your rod tip up. This will cause the bait to dart erratically, imitating a dying or fleeing baitfish. After popping your rod tip up to give the bait action, let the bait fall on a semi-slack line so it flutters down. This is when a fish will likely hit. If you feel a bite, turn that pop of your rod into a hook set and let the fight begin.

Gear Compatibility

  • Line: 8-15lb Fluorocarbon (mainline or leader from 8-20lb Braid)
  • Rods:
    • 1/4oz & 3/8oz Sizes: Googan Finesse Light Spinning
    • 1/2oz & 3/4oz Sizes: Googan Black Reaction Light Casting or Finesse Spinning
  • Reels: 2500 Googan Spinning Reel or Medium Speed Casting Reel (6.5:1 - 7.5:1)