Greenfish Tackle Craw Ball Jig

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About This

Greenfish Tackle Craw Ball Jig

The Craw Ball Jig is one of the toughest, most durable baits we have ever used! The football-style jighead can take a beating against docks, wood, gravel and rocks and emerge almost completely unscathed!

All this durability is a good thing, since the Craw Ball Jig is most effective around rocky points, humps and drop-offs. Let this jig sink all the way to the bottom and either drag it, bumping it into cover with subtle subtle side-sweeps or rip it aggressively off the bottom with an upward jerk of the rod and let it fall back to the bottom. Make sure to watch your line on the fall, because this is when many of the bites will occur.

The Craw Ball features a light wire jig, meaning it penetrates a fish’s mouth with much less effort than is required for beefier hooks on flipping style jigs. For this reason, when you detect a bite, all you need to do is reel down until you can feel the weight of the fish and “lean” into a hookset, maintaining constant pressure while reeling.

Try using the Craw Ball Jig on a medium heavy to heavy action rod and 12-17 lb fluorocarbon. Pair this jig with your favorite crawfish or beaver-style trailer to create an awesome, lifelike profile!

Check out the videos above for more tips on when and how to use the Greenfish Craw Ball Jig. ed to mimic the tail of a live crawfish, the Craw Ball Jig drives bass crazy!

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