Product Details

Headbanger FireTail

The Headbanger FireTail is a full-sized swimbait that's designed to attract and catch big fish. This bait is made of durable plastic and has a chunky profile that perfectly imitates adult prey. The large curly tail elongates when the bait is in motion and moves with a wild thumping action that calls fish from a distance. Rig this beauty up on the jig head or harness of your choice and you'll have a highly effective tool in your search for trophy pike, musky, bass, and other large gamefish. Add the Headbanger FireTail to your tackle collection!

• An enticing baitfish imitation that's sized to attract large fish
• Prominent curly tail thumps wildly at speed and flutters enticingly on the fall
• 3D eyes, gills, and fins add to this bait's natural look
• Made for rigging versatility—thread it on your favorite jig head or harness