Spitfire - 4.5" 2/3 oz


Product Details

Headbanger Spitfire - 4.5" 2/3 oz

The Headbanger Spitfire is a unique topwater bait that triggers an uncontrollable feeding response from nearby predators. The jointed body has a realistic baitfish profile, and the lure swims with a natural action that fish can't ignore. A free-swinging transparent lip adds to the Spitfire's enticing side-to-side movement, plus it helps creates a wild commotion on the surface. Select from a range of proven color patterns and add this topwater wonder to your tackle box!

• Natural baitfish profile with a double-jointed body that swims like live prey
• Innovative lip moves freely to create an amazing swimming action
• Proven colors with scale pattern, realistic fins, and 3D eyes
• Extra-wide gap VMC trebles for a solid hookup every time

Product Specs

Size: 4.5"
Weight: 2/3 oz
Color: Assorted