Stick Drop Shot Weights


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Heavy Metal Tungsten Stick Drop Shot Weights

Tungsten is the most precious metal to all fishing enthusiasts, for its increased sensitivity and durability. The Heavy Metal Tungsten brand celebrates this metal with another awesome form of metal: Rock & Roll. Through head-banging rock and all the themes associated with it Subtle and compact, the Heavy Metal Tungsten Drop Shot Weights are perfect for everyone's favorite fishing application: The Drop Shot. The dense tungsten body will deliver your bait to the strike zone quickly, and detect every nibble once there. Just wait for the rod to start head bangin’ and set that hook. The cylindrical design of the Heavy Metal Tungsten Stick Drop Shot Weights will help slide in and out of grass and other vegetation. In addition to being more streamlined, a stick style drop shot weight will have less surface area contacting the bottom which helps increase sensitivity