Gantarel Swimbait


Product Details

Jackall Gantarel Swimbait

The Jackall Gantarel is a big bluegill bait that's meant to stimulate the instincts of bass. Where there is bluegill, there will always be strikes. Give it a steady retrieve and it will swim slow and natural, or twitch your rod while retrieving to have the Gantarel turn 180 degrees triggering a strike.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.1:1-7.5:1
  • Rod: 7'-9' Heavy Power Moderate to Moderate Fast
  • Line: 20-30lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilment

Product Specs

Length: 6-1/4"
Weight: 2-1/2oz
Class: Slow-floating
Pack Size: 1 pack